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Unlock the future with BTCQ: Level 1 blockchain that empowers CPU miners and defies ASIC dominance.

BTCQ is a Level 1 blockchain cryptocurrency that aims to provide a secure and inclusive ecosystem for its users.
The focus on CPU mining, instead of requiring expensive ASIC equipment, allows for a wider user base to participate in mining and ensures decentralization.
BTCQ's community-driven governance ensures that all stakeholders have a say in decision-making processes, fostering a democratic environment.
BTCturquoise-v2.0.54.3, is backed by a group of enthusiastic miners who follow the "GhostRider" algorithm.
These individuals not only believe in the fundamental idea of Bitcoin, but also question its current centralization in both mining and exchanges.
Their goal is to develop what they call a "Bitcoin Fair for All", seeking to create an alternative that is more accessible and equitable for all participants, without the same centralization limitations that Bitcoin faces today.
The vision of this group is to create a currency that reflects the fundamental principles of decentralization and fairness present in the world of cryptocurrencies.
The intention is for BTCQ to be listed on several exchanges, but the approach is different. Instead of relying on a centralized economic development team to pay for listings on exchanges, the community becomes the driving engine.
If the community endorses and supports the coin, its listing on new exchanges is actively encouraged.
This philosophy is consistent with the principles of Peer to Peer and true decentralization that define BTCturquoise.
The ultimate goal is not just to be present on a multitude of exchanges, but to encourage real and sustainable adoption.
The focus is to ensure that the community supports the project, thereby promoting its organic and genuine adoption in the crypto ecosystem.

About Us

Block reward: 6000 coins
Coin supply: 21,000,000,000 coins
Block Time: 150 seconds

Block Distribution:




- Up to block 88,720:
850,000 coins.

- From block 132,721 to block 176,720: 1,150,000 coins.

- From block 220,721 to block 264,720: 1,950,000 coins.

- From block 88,721 to block 132,720: 950,000 coins.

- From block 176,721 to block 220,720: 1,400,000 coins.

- After block 264,720:
1,950,000 coins.

The collateral required for creating a node (Smartnode) on the blockchain is set as follows:

Why us?

Enhanced security measures

BTCQ implements advanced encryption techniques and decentralized consensus algorithms, ensuring a secure and manipulation-resistant network.

Focus on CPU mining

Unlike many cryptocurrencies that require expensive ASIC mining equipment, BTCQ encourages CPU mining, making it accessible to a wider group of users.

Community-based management

BTCQ holders actively participate in decision-making processes, ensuring a democratic and open ecosystem.

Scalability and low transaction fees

The level 1 blockchain of BTCQ is designed for high scalability, enabling fast transaction processing with minimal fees.